What you need to know about Illinois tax increase

By Steve Balich July 4, 2017

We the people of the State of Illinois wish our leaders would declare their Independence from the State of Illinois unsustainable fiscal policies that are forcing people to move to another State, preventing people from choosing to move to Illinois, and doing harm to it’s citizens.

Republican Votes for the massive tax increase allowed Democrats cover for repeating the same failed policy. Voting for this is insanity because it hurts the families remaining in the State of Illinois and provides yet another reason to leave. People who can sell their home for much less than it’s worth to escape the endless increases in property tax from Schools, Fire Departments, Cities, Townships, Librarys, etc have a lot to weigh. Those who bought homes 10 years ago now find they can’t afford the cost from government and are forced to move. In reality the government owns your home. Taxes are the rent, and if you don’t pay government will take your house in a tax sale for pennies on a dollar. Now the State of Illinois plans on raising the State income tax. So people in Illinois can look at an increase in Fees, Sales tax, property tax, and State income tax. Along with poor wages, maybe that’s why young people live with their parents.


Democrats controlled the State of Illinois for over 30 years!  The House Speaker in Illinois called a property tax freeze right wing and as the dictator of the Democrat controlled House he will make sure taxes, fees, and regulations will increase. It seems to me he thinks his main job is feeding citizen money to the expanding government beast
Not all government is working against it’s citizens

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is the size and cost of government. Republicans believe in less government, lower taxes and fewer regulations, while Democrats’ beliefs are the polar opposite. The Republicans on the Will County Board in Illinois took control in 2014 and ended the call for a public safety tax to replace dilapidated and out-of-date public buildings (the Courthouse, Sheriff’s Dept. and Health Dept.). Everything is now being built, and Republicans cut the property tax rate.


Citizens are fed up with a government that acts like a starving Beast, eating their disposable income in the name of more government. The cities and states controlled by Democrats for years, like Illinois, Chicago, and Detroit, are just waiting for a federal bailout or bankruptcy. They expect citizens from States that don’t overspend and that don’t provide unsustainable programs to pick up their bill, or they will start over, repeating the same ugly methods after they go bankrupt.  Every elected official who voted yes needs to be voted out of office because they violated their Oath of office to serve and protect. Legally stealing our money is not protection. 


Illinois Governor Rauner was elected to fix the State. His Turnaround agenda was what he ran on, and has tried to implement since he was elected. Democrats controlling both the House and Senate led by Michael Madigan have stopped him dead not allowing 1 item to pass. Worse yet no budget for 3 years because Rauner wants spending cuts. To Madigan spending is the thing that keeps the Government Beast fed. Madigan, Democrats, and the Republicans that voted for the huge tax increase want big government and control of the citizen by making people dependent on government at the expense of the working class. Think of yearly pay increases for government workers that already make way more than those citizens paying them, their Fantastic unsustainable Pensions, sick days, personal days, and long vacations for jobs they have for life. Private sector union workers don’t work if their company has no work. Non-Union workers in the private sector get laid off if their company lacks work. Only in big government do raises become automatic for the most part. Remember an increase in wages equates to an increase in the un-funded pension liability that eventually will eat up every cent of the taxes at the expense of all the necessary programs.

Illinois Bruce Rauner said he will Veto the massive tax increase:

Illinois House Approves Massive Income Tax Increase

Gov. Rauner vows to veto reckless spending plan 

Illinois House Approves Massive Income Tax Increase
Written By David E. Smith  From Illinois Family

Late Sunday afternoon (July 2nd), the Illinois House passed a massive tax hike for families and businesses. What does that mean for taxpayers? Well, if this proposal isn’t vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner, the personal income tax rate would increase by 32 percent, surging from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent, and the corporate rate would jump from 5.25 percent to 7 percent. This would enable and fund business as usual. (“Enable” is the key word here…)

The final vote was 72-45 – with 57 Democrats and 15 Republicans voting in favor of increasing our taxes. To see how your state representative voted, please click HERE.

It is very disappointing to know that so many state representatives ignored basic economic principles, and decided that the solution to irresponsible fiscal spending and mismanagement was to place a heavier tax burden on already over-taxed families in Illinois. Instead of reducing spending and cutting waste, they opted to feed the insatiable demands of our growing state government.

This proposal (SB 9) now moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

Thankfully, in response to this vote, Gov. Rauner issued a statement last night promising to veto this tax hike when it arrives on his desk, saying:

“I will veto Mike Madigan’s permanent 32 percent tax hike. Illinois families don’t deserve to have more of their hard-earned money taken from them when the legislature has done little to restore confidence in government or grow jobs. Illinois families deserve more jobs, property tax relief and term …

We know from recent history (2011-2014) that Illinois lawmakers were unable to improve the state’s fiscal condition with a temporary income tax hike — despite their promises to do so. There is no reason to believe that sending more tax revenues to Springfield now will be any different than before. They have proven themselves to be utterly irresponsible and reckless with the tax revenues they are getting now, so why would anyone think they would do better with even more taxpayer resources?

Take ACTION: Click HERE to ask the governor and your state senator to vote against any legislative proposal that would increase tax burdens for Illinois citizens. Ask them not to take much needed resources away from family budgets to boost imprudent spending of Illinois government.

Let them know that you oppose any new tax increases when they refuse to cut government waste and bloat. You can also call your lawmakers’ Springfield offices through the Capitol Switchboard at (217) 782-2000.


PLEASE CALL THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE at (217) 782-0244 and/or (312) 814-2121.

How Did They Vote?


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