Charlie Gard is the face of socialized medicine

Charlie Gard is the face of socialized medicine


Charlie Gard never committed a crime, but he was sentenced to death just the same. He is the face of socialized medicine; and the face of the death cult that is medical totalitarianism and the radical left.

Little Charlie was born in the UK on August 4 with a genetic condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The condition saps the energy from his organs and muscles and requires he use a ventilator for breathing. He is one of 16 people ever diagnosed with it.

British doctors determined that Charlie had irreversible brain damage – a claim his parents dispute. Connie Yates and Chris Gard claim little Charlie opens his eyes, sees them and acknowledges their presence. But doctors decided there was nothing that could be done for him and sought to remove his life support so he could “die with dignity.”

The parents decided to take Charlie to America where a physician has offered to provide an experimental treatment. They raised $1.4 million through crowdfunding to pay for the trip and the procedure. All they needed was to remove Charlie from the hospital, board a plane and head for America.

The British courts said no; and ruled that doctors at Great Ormand Street Hospital could turn off life support. The couple appealed through the British and finally the European high courts, only to lose each time. At the couple’s final opportunity at the European Court of Human Rights, the court ruled — in an irony that could only come from government — that further treatment would “continue to cause Charlie significant harm.”

Under socialized medicine, the state owns your body. It pays for the medical care and therefore decides who can and who cannot receive medical care and what kind of care they can receive. So Charlie’s life support was set to be pulled June 30 (at the last minute doctors told the parents they “would be given more time with their baby,” though what that means is not clear) so he could die – which is the ultimate harm. No different than pulling the switch on the electric chair or pushing the button that sends execution chemicals into his body.

Under the death cult that is socialized medicine, women can “choose” to murder their baby in the womb, but they cannot “choose” to do everything in their power to keep their baby alive after he’s born.

The devaluation of life is public policy in the UK. It is also the public policy in the U.S. You see it in the 60 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. You see it in the move to forced immunization of all children, seniors and employees.

And your body is not your own – not even in America. You see it in cases where the police, under court sanction, forcibly catheterize people over possible traffic violations. You see it in cases like that of Sammy NicolayevJacob StielerMaryanne Godboldo, and Justina Pelletier.

This means in plain language that, at some point, the government decides by law who his to live and who is to die in the public interest. It doesn’t matter if it comes under the guise of Obamacare or Trumpcare or McConnellcare or Better care. They will decide which children will die and which aged and infirm will die. And eventually, they will come after you with no pretense.

By the time murder laws are enacted, the people will have been prepared to accept them as desirable and “for the good of the country” and the community. We reach the stage of the Animal Farm.


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