Congressman Adam Kinzinger speaks out for Term Limits in Illinois


Illinois is ranked last in fiscal health — by a lot. We have the lowest credit rating in the United States. Our bonds are junk level. The state is home to the highest property taxes and worst pension crisis in America. People and businesses are leaving in droves. Every other state has addressed these issues, and we still have not. Springfield is broken, and the state has been brought to its knees by Mike Madigan’s Machine.  We have to find a new way of  doing business. #TermLimits

For over two years, Illinois Republicans have fought to enact serious reforms that will actually solve our fiscal problems and get us on the road to solvency. Mike Madigan thinks we’re doing just fine — he just needs more tax revenue.  This year. Next year. Every year.

So who could possibly believe the status quo is working? You’d have to take a look at who’s been around the longest, who’s had the greatest influence, who’s gained the most power, and who’s gotten the richest off a 40 year career in Springfield. Follow the money — it is yours after all.

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