You won’t believe what we have accomplished in the first week back to school!

You won’t believe what we have accomplished in the first week back to school!

We hit the ground running and have already faced serious resistance from the left like this incident at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln that made national news:

At the same school, the administration told our leader to get off campus and to call the cops.  Her crime? She wasn’t in the “free speech zone”.

Conservatives on campus are under attack, but we are fighting back!

Our students are killing it on campus! We are taking over student organization fairs and recruiting new troops to the movement every day.  

Over 250 students signed up for Turning Point USA at the Penn State club fair! @TPUSA @TPUSAatPSU @charliekirk11 @kylie_thomas

— Jonathon Stack (@jonathonstack) August 26, 2017

Check out more of these all-stars:

As you can see, all of our hard work and training at 

Young Women’s Leadership Summit 

Young Latino Leadership Summit

Chapter Leader Summit

and High School Leadership Summit

is really paying off.

Now on hundreds of campuses across the country, thousands of students are hitting the ground to recruit new students, charter new chapters, register voters, and expand the army for freedom!

We had a busy summer, but that is nothing compared to what we will accomplish on campus this year. We are just getting started!  

Thank you for your support of our movement.


Charlie Kirk
Founder & Executive Director
Turning Point USA

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