Tuesday 21st May 2019

Moving company says more people leaving Chicago than any other major city

Moving company says more people leaving Chicago than any other major city

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United Van Lines moving truck
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The nation’s biggest mover is corroborating Census data showing the exodus of residents from Chicago and across Illinois.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Census released its report that said most Illinois’ cities are shrinking in population, with the entire state estimated to have lost 58,456 people on net in 12 months ending in July.

United Van Lines tracks how many people come and go from the nation’s larger cities every summer. They found that more people moved from Chicago than any other metropolitan area.

“We’re really seeing a trend of a lot of people moving out of big cities on the east coast and the Midwest and tending to migrate west and south,” spokesperson Melissa Sullivan said. The Windy City led the nation in percentage of departures in 2016 as well.

United Van Lines’ numbers confirm that Illinois as a state is seeing more people depart than arrive.

“The places that top our list of destinations every year have either growing job markets or places that have a lot to offer retirees,” Sullivan said. “It definitely is a trend that goes beyond Chicago because the state is showing similar trends.”

Notably, the Census estimated that 40,000, or 5 percent, of Chicago’s black population left in the 12 months ending in July.

High taxes and lack of job opportunities often are cited by residents who leave for other states.

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