Palin: Alabama proves that the swamp is hijacking the presidency

Palin: Alabama proves that the swamp is hijacking the presidency


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says the outcome of the GOP Senate runoff between establishment favored Alabama Sen. Luther Strange and conservative stalwart Judge Roy Moore will determine whether the swamp he’s trying to drain will ultimately absorb President Donald Trump’s administration.

Palin told Alabamians gathered at a Moore campaign rally that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s GOP establishment is trying to “hijack” Trump’s presidency and turn it against the voters who turned out last November to express their desire for conservative change in Washington.

“The forgotten man and woman in this country, they stood up and we beat the swamp. But, alas, 10 months later, guys, the swamp, it’s trying to hijack this presidency,” Palin said, according to a Washington Post report.

“The swamp is trying to steal the victory that we worked so long and hard for — to steal the victory that a lot of us put our reputations on the line for. We voted to put America first, not the political elite that had ignored us for decades,” she added.

Palin and other conservatives contend that Trump was pressured into backing Moore by the GOP establishment in return for promises to help him achieve aspects of his agenda.

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