Dems lose vote to raise your property taxes

Discussion starts at 135: 25 minutes   All Democrats voted no to the Levy because they wanted more money by taking the CPI as proposed by County Executive Walsh. All Republicans voted yes keeping the lower tax rate

  1. Jacky Traynere (D) said She wanted to take the extra income from the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  2. Tyler Marcum (D) said he was concerned about not including increases in the contract of public sector unions and overtime.
  3. Ken Harris (D) said the Levy did not reflect the needs of the County. He said we could still lower the rate and take the CPI.

Finance Chair Mike Fricilone (R) made it clear the vote was on the Levy not the Budget. The County needs to set the Budget within the Levy Dollars that just passed telling members they need to express concerns at the workshops and Finance meetings. There has been no input from anyone as far as questions or concerns.

4. Steve Balich (R) People in his district voted by 87% in a referendum to have government go to Referendum before raising taxes. He said Government Employees get yearly pay increases while     citizens see a decrease in monthly disposable income. He said it’s the people’s money and they can’t afford any more in taxes and want government to hold the line.

5. Laurie Summers (D) said it’s not about raising taxes. She is concerned about transparency claims overtime is not being addressed.

6. Herb Brooks (D) said he wants to know how the gaps will be filled.

7. Chuck Maher (R)  said It is the duty of elected Officials to keep an eye on bureaucracy. He said if government has money to spend it will be spent. This is a balanced Levy. More money is not the answer.

8. Judy Ogala (R) said the CPI is the cost of living increase. Government wants to take this increase from the people in the form of property tax but people have no place to get the increased cost the Democrats at the Will County Board want to take from the people.

9.  Speaker Jim moustis (R) said since he has been on the Board the Levy has gone up about 270% yet neither home values or pay has gone up at that rate. Seniors are being taxed out of their homes. The easy thing is to raise taxes but it is our job to find ways to cut spending and thus keep taxes from increasing. Moustis went on to say Don’t raise taxes because you think government needs are more important than the needs of the people. We need to hold the line on property taxes and government expansion.

10. Mike Fricilone (R) said Cash reserves are holding. The Finance Committee is Transparent, but Board Members need to participate. The next Finance Meeting is the place to discuss line items in the budget. ( As of now the Health Department will see an increase in their line item. The amount will be determined at the budget talks.)

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