ISRA Executive Directors Message

ISRA Thursday Bulletin – October 26, 2017


Executive Directors Message
As most of you know, the action in Springfield is hot and heavy right now.  HB4117 is fraught with problems for gun owners.  HB4117 purports to ban “Bump Stocks” but actually does much more.  This bill applies to all firearms, not just semi-automatic firearms.  Among those are single barrel shotguns, double barrel shotguns, bolt action rifles, pistols and revolvers.  HB4117 is not about converting firearms to machine guns although that is what the sponsors would like you to believe. The language is so broad that changing a trigger in your 1911 would be a class 2 felony, an action job on your revolver would be a class 2 felony, putting a match trigger in anything would be a class 2 felony, and putting a “speed slide” on your Glock would be a class 2 felony.  If you are caught transporting them, the penalties go up.  This bill turns most gun owners into felons.  HB4117 is in effect, a gun ban.  Remember there are over 2,211,000 gun owners who go through a background check every night; if you are a concealed carry licensee you get another one. Yet, the anti-gunners want to turn you into felons.
UPDATE:  HB4117 did not pass today (48 yea, 54 nay votes).  Please be aware that we will be facing these kinds of anti-gun bills in the future.
Speaking of anti-gunners, many of you are familiar with Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly.  They formed an anti-gun group known as “Americans for Responsible Solutions”.  They recently changed the name of their outfit to the “Giffords”.  Whatever they call themselves doesn’t matter; their goal is still the same.  Recently some members of the Illinois House and Senate have been getting calls from Mark Kelly personally, verbally twisting the arms to vote for anti-gun legislation, namely SB1657.  The point for everyone to take from this is the anti-gun crowd is turning up the heat.  We will see more of this.
Many people do not understand what a lobbyist does, in particular, a pro-gun lobbyist.  Let me explain. A pro-gun lobbyist works for things you never knew you needed, defends against things you never knew existed, in conditions that are a mixture of espionage and palace intrigue.  The pro-gun lobbyist must not only take today’s political conditions into consideration but also must anticipate what may happen in the next two elections.
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