Clintons, Obama officials are about to get the scrutiny they deserve

Steve Balich Editors note:

Clintons, Obama officials are about to get the scrutiny they deserve


Even the mainstream media is having to take a break from round-the-clock Trump bashing to acknowledge that the Uranium One deal brokered during the Obama administration screams of political corruption. Congress is renewing efforts to look into the affair and a growing number of influential legislators are calling for the appointment of special counsel to investigate the Justice Department’s handling of the agreement. Now all that remains to be seen is which Democrat takes the fall.

The deal which handed Russian interests control of nearly 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves back in 2010 began getting renewed national attention last week after The Hill published a report indicating that the Obama Justice Department knew of massive conflicts in the agreement. Despite clear signs of conflicts of interest, the DOJ apparently dragged its feet in investigating the deal and left the American public in the dark about what’s shaping up to look like a pay-for-play scheme that seriously damaged U.S. national security.

The short version of the scandal is this: While Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and partially responsible for vetting the Uranium One deal’s potential impact on the U.S., federal officials learned that Russian “nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States…” Unsurprisingly, that was around the same time former President Bill Clinton was raking in big bucks through the Clinton Family Foundation from…. Russian nuclear officials.

Regardless of what anyone believes about the current president’s relationship with Russia, it’s pretty clear that applying the same standard of DoJ scrutiny to the deal as the leftist establishment demanded over Trump/Russia collusion claims should have led to a very swift investigation into the matter.

But that investigation never occurred. And that means someone at the top must have had a hand in making sure it didn’t.

I’ve written before that the Clintons have a longstanding and clearly discernible  modus operandi in matters of political corruption: Make sure everyone possible is screwed if the corruption is revealed, the more powerful the better. 

And they’ve certainly accomplished that with Uranium One.

That meeting between President Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch almost certainly had nothing to do with grandchildren. That’s what they claimed– and that would be pretty innocent. But if that’s what Clinton and Lynch  discussed, the former AG probably wouldn’t have been so shy about talking about the meeting when she appeared before congressional investigators last week.

Lynch was, of course, appearing before the House Intelligence Committee to talk about Russian and Trump and collusion between the two ahead of the 2016 election. There’s still no real evidence.

But don’t worry, there’s a crack team working on the collusion investigation. Big names like special prosecutor Robert Mueller who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Never mind Rosenstein’s long relationship with the Clintons. In 1995, Rosenstein served on the team of investigators that ultimately cleared Bill and Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing in the Whitewater affair. Later, Rosenstein served as a special prosecutor in a case involving whether the Clinton administration had improperly used FBI background reports. Nothing ever came of the inquiry, though Rosenstein did sit with Mrs. Clinton for a chat at the White House in January 1998.

Forget that Rosenstein was U.S. Attorney and probably very aware of Uranium One’s big problems when Obama signed the deal.

And don’t worry for a moment over the fact that Mueller was actually running the FBI at the time someone made the decision to slow walk investigating what looks like a pretty massive public corruption case.

If you were to start thinking about all of those swampy little details, it might start to seem like the Trump collusion investigation is being carried out by a highly motivated clean-up crew. And if you consider reports this week that the bizarre dossier alleging that Trump peed on Russian prostitutes, the one that somehow John McCain ended up handing to the FBI, was partially funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), things might become even more suspicious. 

Of course if you do choose to join the latest “right wing conspiracy” against poor Hillary Clinton, you’ll be in good company.

The Senate Judiciary Committee decided last week that it’s time to take a closer look. Likewise, the House Oversight and Intelligence Committee announced Tuesday that it plans to investigate the DOJ’s Uranium One investigation.

And lawmakers are beginning to signal that they think the potential for findings of big time corruption is serious enough to merit a criminal inquiry.

“Whoever in DOJ is capable [with] authority to appoint a special counsel [should] do so to investigate Uranium One ‘whoever’ means if [you] aren’t recused,” Sen. Chuck Grassley tweeted Tuesday.

If AG Jeff Sessions gets to work, to borrow from Mrs. Clinton, some folks are going to have to make some hard choices.

Questions about Uranium One were supposed to die with Clinton’s inevitable presidential victory. But her loss proved that the Clinton ship is sinking much faster than the Washington establishment expected. Those who gambled on her victory (Holder, Lynch, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and, most importantly, Obama) can either go down with the ship as an investigation unfolds or give up any loyalty to the Clinton machine.

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