Trump needs to demand a Uranium One investigation now

Roger Stone is right: Trump needs to demand a Uranium One investigation now


Still unable to gather a single shred of evidence that anyone involved with President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, special counsel to the investigation Robert Mueller on Monday announced unrelated charges against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign aide Rick Gates. Considering recent revelations about another Russia scandal, one involving the very people investigating Trump, the timing is at least a little suspect.

Mueller announced that Manafort and Gates are facing charges ranging from money laundering to failure to properly disclose financial information related to their work helping to elect Ukrainian pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych (who was later toppled by the CIA) under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Personal Liberty’s Jay Baker reported on the charges and the discrepancies within this morning.  

Just after the charges were announced, much of the uninformed Democratic establishment cheered the proof  that the investigation is going somewhere– but legal expert after legal expert are on the record stating that the situation is very much the opposite.

Mueller and his Russia investigation, according to people familiar with prosecutor tactics, are showing all the signs of fishing for breaks in a stalled case.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Manafort and Gates will be the “first of many dominoes to fall” as the investigation continues to search for a smoking gun.

“You’re going to indict people going up the totem pole to see if you can squeeze them,” he said.

“Sometimes people will make things up so that the squeezing will stop,” the judge added. “Sometimes they’ll say, ‘I don’t know anything about the president.’”

Napolitano did call it “troubling and newsworthy” that the indictment suggests that Manafort was involved in alleged criminal activity as recently as Spetember 2016, when he would have been working for the Trump campaign.

But Mueller’s indictment, it’s worth noting, mentions nothing about President Trump or the 2016 election.

In other words, Mueller’s team is suggesting to the public that the investigation stumbled upon the Manafort’s and Gates’s alleged criminal conduct as it searched for ties between Trump, his campaign and Russia.

And if these charges had come months, or even weeks, earlier, they would seem far more legitimate as they pertain to the investigation. The serious illegal activity the two are charged with, remember, happened about a decade ago.

Instead, the bombshell first charges filed in the Trump collusion investigation come just after highly publicized reports implicating Mueller and a whole bunch of other former Obama administration officials working under the direction of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in actual collusion with Russia to sell out the American people– and then cover it up– via the Uranium One deal.

I told you about that scandal last week in the column Clintons, Obama officials are about to get the scrutiny they deserve:

The short version of the scandal is this: While Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and partially responsible for vetting the Uranium One deal’s potential impact on the U.S., federal officials learned that Russian “nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States…” Unsurprisingly, that was around the same time former President Bill Clinton was raking in big bucks through the Clinton Family Foundation from…. Russian nuclear officials.

Regardless of what anyone believes about the current president’s relationship with Russia, it’s pretty clear that applying the same standard of DoJ scrutiny to the deal as the leftist establishment demanded over Trump/Russia collusion claims should have led to a very swift investigation into the matter.

But that investigation never occurred. And that means someone at the top must have had a hand in making sure it didn’t.

I also outlined how Mueller and several other people intimately involved in the current investigation against Trump were involved in the Uranium One cover-up, concluding that the Trump collusion investigation is being run by a “highly motivated clean-up crew.”

You see, Clinton was supposed to win the election. And when she won, this Uranium One business was supposed to be covered up via her powerful connections.

But Clinton didn’t win– and so the Deep State and the political establishment it controls needed to tie someone else to Russia. It’s a classic totalitarian tactic: Accuse others of what you are doing to create confusion. Long before Saul Alinsky made the tactic part of his radical rules, it was being used by murderous dictators throughout the world.

Mueller and his investigators are going to do their best to throw the book at Manafort and Gates in an effort to get any damaging information possible about the Trump administration. And, even if it has nothing to do with the investigation into Trump, there’s no doubt the special prosecutor has what he needs to crucify the lobbyists. But he also has the power to offer a big bargain in return for a Trump take-down. Someone’s going to break, even if it means fabricating something damaging.

This is the Swamp striking back.

Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and former lobbying business partner of Manafort and Gates, correctly pointed to the president’s next logical move if he hopes to survive: Leave Mueller alone– but get a separate special prosecutor on the Uranium One case immediately.

“Mueller can’t be a special prosecutor when he himself is under investigation,” Stone told The Daily Caller. “Mueller is guilty of obstruction and cover up in Uranium One.”

It’s possible that Trump is in the process of getting that investigation rolling. He met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the charges against Manafort and Gates were announced Monday.

One thing is certain, things are going to get uglier before they get better in Washington in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned.

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