Everyone hates free speech?

Steve Balich Editors note: I don’t like plenty of things I hear, read, and see but it is the right of U.S. citizens guaranteed by our Constitution to express your opinion. When any person is denied this right it moves the needle toward oppression.

Everyone hates free speech

These days, it seems like Libertarians are the only folks left in America who don’t loathe the 1st Amendment. From the Oval Office, to the Federal Communications Commission, to Antifa freaks and Trump sycophants, attacks on free speech are everywhere.

Trump lamented this month the fake news spread by mainstream media outlets and reportedly declared: “It is frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write.” The president’s outspoken disdain for media is both good and bad.

Trump lashed out at NBC News over a report indicating that he’d called for a drastic expansion of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Meanwhile, was asked  last week by Minnesota Democrat  Sen. Amy Klobuchar if he would “commit to not putting reporters in jail for doing their jobs?”

Sessions’ answer wasn’t exactly thrilling for 1st Amendment purists.

“I don’t know if I can make a blanket commitment to that effect, but I would say we have not taken any aggressive action against the media at this point,” Sessions said. 

He added: “We have matters that involve the most serious national security issues that put our country at risk. We will utilize the authorities we have legally and constitutionally if we have to. We always try to find an alternative way, as you probably know … to directly confronting media persons. But that’s not a total blanket protection.”

But the attacks aren’t just coming from the top.

The left is attacking freedom of speech and of the press on college campuses and street corners throughout the nation. And this makes for an extremely dangerous situation for freedom of speech.

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