Information about Associate Judge Victoria Mckay Kennison seeking position for Circuit Judge

As you may know the vacancy position for Circuit Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes was just posted .  I am happy to announce that I am running for this position.  Due to the short turnaround time on my petitions, I am seeking your help in gathering signatures.  I ask this knowing that you have already been out for well over a month walking and talking to voters on behalf of other candidates.  Please know that I and my family will also be out working every day to obtain signatures and I sincerely appreciate any assistance you may offer.


In the days to come I will be working on a complete Bio, but in the meantime here are a few things about myself:


  • Resident of Will County for almost 20 years
  • Practiced in Will County Public Defenders Office for almost 2 years
  • Following the PD’s office I went directly into private practice with The Law Offices of Edward R. Jaquays. Specialized in criminal law, family law (divorce, paternity, custody disputes & child support enforcement), juvenile law & appellate practice.
  • After 13 years in private practice I was appointed in 2011 by the Circuit Court to serve as an Associate Judge in Will County.
  • I have served assignments in Domestic Violence court, civil Orders of Protection, Family court (Divorce, Paternity, custody disputes & child support enforcement) as well as served as interim presiding judge of the Misdemeanor Jury court (DUI & aggravated traffic cases).
  • I currently serve as a Floater judge which means that I hear multiple other court calls, including Probate, Juvenile, Foreclosure, Small claims, criminal felony and misdemeanor court calls, including Domestic Battery Court and the 4 specialty courts (Drug Court, Veteran’s Court, Adult Redeploy Court and Mental Health Court).


In the past I have served as a Republican election judge, President of Will County Legal Aid Program and served on the Prairie State Legal Services Executive Committee, President of the Will County Women’s Bar Association and a number of other local community boards and committees.


I graduated from Illinois State University and received my law degree from John Marshall Law School.


I currently live in Joliet with my husband, Dan.  Together we have three adult children and four grandchildren.


I am running for this position because it is important for the citizens of Will County to keep a strong and experienced judicial Circuit. I have the necessary legal background and the on the job experience that sets me apart from any other opponent.  If you are able to collect signatures on my behalf, or have any questions, please contact me directly at


Thank you,

Associate Judge Victoria Mckay Kennison


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