Spare me the phony outrage

Spare me the phony outrage

The political and media classes are in high dudgeon over the allegations of sexual assault leveled against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore from almost 40 years ago. Please spare me the phony outrage.

The politicians running from Moore like he’s a plague-infested rat are some of the same politicians who considered Ted Kennedy the “Lion of the Senate.” All Kennedy did was drive – most likely while drunk – his car off a bridge, leaving 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne in it to drown. Kennedy waited until the next day to report the accident, and then only after the car was located by authorities.

It was common knowledge in the District of Corruption that Kennedy was a lush and that he picked up “party girls” (aka prostitutes) on the average of three times a week at a private Georgetown club. He was caught on several occasions having sex with women in public places and sexually assaulting waitresses. In one sexual assault at the La Brasserie restaurant on Capitol Hill he was accompanied by Senator Chris Dodd in making a “waitress sandwich” in which Kennedy rubbed his genitals on the woman who, when she finally got away, ran screaming from the room.

The late actress Carrie Fisher once claimed that in 1985 while at a restaurant having dinner with Kennedy and Dodd that Kennedy asked her if she’d be having sex with Dodd – whom she had met that night for the first time — after the dinner.

The politicians running from Moore are some of the same ones who dismissed the accounts of countless women who accused Bill Clinton of rape and assault: Juanita Brodderic, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Connie Hamzy, Eileen Wellston, Sandra Allen James, Christyi Zercher, an unnamed 22-year-old student at Yale and an unnamed student at the University of Arkansas are some of them. They are also some of the same politicians who refused to hear evidence in Clinton’s Senate impeachment trial. And some of these same politicians did more than just dismiss the accounts, they defended Clinton as if was the victim of a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

Clinton took dozens of trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. Also on the plane were 12-year-old girls that Epstein – at least – used as his toys. Not a lot condemnation from the political or media class about that, either.

The politicians running from Moore are the same ones whose silence on the charges against New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez is deafening. Menendez is on trial for selling his office and providing special favors in exchange for campaign cash and all-expense paid trips to the Dominican Republic where he was provided underage prostitutes. According to Politico, Democrats aren’t likely to push Menendez out of office even if he’s convicted.

Menendez was indicted two years ago. It doesn’t require any fingers to count the number of Washington politicians who have stated that Menendez isn’t fit to serve in the Senate. And John McCain’s lapdog, Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty who has called for Moore to step aside, even testified at Menendez’s trial as a character witness, calling him “very honest” and “honorable.”

While not involved in a confirmed sex scandal – though accusations of an adulterous affair arose during the 2008 Republican primary – McCain had a hand in one of the biggest financial crimes to rock the U.S. prior to the crash of 2008. In 1989, McCain was caught with four other Senators trying to stifle an investigation by federal regulators into the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association on behalf of their benefactor, Lincoln’s head man Charles Keating — as part of the overall Savings and Loan scandal — over fraudulent practices that ultimately cost 23,000 of Lincoln’s customers (mostly retirees) some $288 million. For that, McCain became known as one of the “Keating 5,” but the media and time have absolved him; and the poor, defrauded retirees are all dead and gone. Now he’s considered a “leading light” of the Republican Party.

The list of known Congressional sex scandals is as long as your arm and those accused who remained in office include Henry Hyde, Helen Chenoweth, Dan Burton Ken Calvert, Daniel Inouye, Charles Robb, Gus Savage, Jim Bates, Dan Crane, Gerry Studds and a host of others.

A former “congressional handler” named Brent Wilkes – whose job it was to take care of visiting congressmen — claims that when they visited the Honduras the local soldiers would go out into surrounding villages and round up young girls at gunpoint for the visiting dignitaries and stand guard outside so the girls couldn’t escape.

But politicians aren’t alone in their hypocrisy. The mainstream media — which is chasing ratings more aggressively than Kennedy chased a bottle and who are acting in concert to destroy Moore — seem to think that if you are an actor or actress in Hollyweird, dating children is not only perfectly acceptable but a badge of honor.

Roy Moore may or may not be or have been a pervert. But if he is or was that doesn’t make him “unfit for the Senate.” It means he’ll fit right in. And if he’d just embrace baby murder, genocide, granting special rights for people who can’t look between their legs and tell whether they are male or female, and kiss the ring of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he’d be elevated to the Senate ruling class.

Update: Add Senator Al Franklin to the list of sexual harassers serving in the Senate. — BL

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