Ingraham: Moore is a RINO scapegoat 

Ingraham: Moore is a RINO scapegoat

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham said during a recent interview that she believes the GOP is happy to embrace Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore’s accusers because it gives the RINO establishment a much needed diversion from its failures to deliver on conservative promises.

“When it comes to Roy Moore’s Alabama Senate bid, it seems like everyone is running for the exits. And perhaps they should,” she said. “Look, the accusations have piled up, and I understand, no one running for office wants to be asked uncomfortable questions.”

Still, Ingraham added, voters shouldn’t ignore the fact that Moore won Alabama’s primary thanks to voters willing to defy the party leadership’s recommendation to throw in for Luther Strange, a member of the current do-nothing Republican establishment.

“‘He’s gonna hurt the party,’ leaders say, ‘so let’s cut our losses now and put Jeff Sessions back in his old seat. It’s going to be a midterm election disaster for the GOP,’” she said.

“I kind of think the GOP is just trying to use the Moore allegations — yeah, use them, to deflect — deflect attention and criticism from their own failures.”

Ingraham went on to note that the GOP establishment is currently hitting approval ratings of about 29 percent.

“Donald Trump’s looking really good compared to those numbers,” she said. “And last time I checked, let’s face it, it wasn’t Moore who dropped the ball on ObamaCare repeal and he didn’t take long periods of time off out of session while he had work to do.”

She continued: “And we know this, Moore didn’t set up a slush fund for congressional miscreants who are involved with sexual behavior; now that’s immoral.”

“Before the GOP makes him the scapegoat for all that ails the party, well, I think the GOP itself needs to do some self-reflection,” Ingraham concluded.

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