ISRA Thursday Bulletin – November 23, 2017


ISRA Thursday Bulletin – November 23, 2017


Executive Directors Message
As gun owners, we are always told by the anti-gunners that “if you just give us this restriction or that ban we will leave you alone.”  I have never believed them and neither have most of you.  The latest propaganda piece put out by Gabby Giffords and her space cadet husband, Mark Kelly, lists things they want to ban.  One of those is the dreaded muzzle loading rifle because some of them can shoot a .50 caliber ball.  This is just an example of how far they really want to go, which is to ban everything.
Most of the time, I discuss what is happening in the State of Illinois but that doesn’t mean we should forget what is going on in Washington D.C.  October was a busy month for the anti-gun crowd in Congress.  Representative Bonnie Coleman (D-NJ) introduced H.R. 3962 to stop online sales of ammunition.  Representative Norma Torres (D-CA) introduced H.R. 4025 which would require reporting of any two firearms purchased in a five day period.  Representative Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) introduced H.R. 4052, which is a magazine ban.  Many of the bills in Congress will have a state version introduced at some time in the future.
We all received an early Thanksgiving blessing at 8:13 pm on Sunday night when Charles Manson finally died.  Manson spent 45 years in prison living off the tax payers.  Why some people want to keep mutts like Manson alive, I will never understand.  Manson and his followers killed many more people than they were charged with and convicted of.  I am often asked if I oppose the electric chair.  The answer is no; I prefer the electric couch, however.
My email (and I am guessing yours) is crammed full of almost irresistible bargains.  The Black Friday sales seemed to have already started and, in some cases, began last Monday.  I have to say I did spot a few real bargains, but a bargain is only a bargain if you need it and can afford it.  I will say there were some very good prices on ammunition.  If you plan on taking a shooting class, now might be a good time to stock up.
Last week, I mentioned classes that included both partner classes, for those who you live or work with, and active shooter classes, for those who could be a target (such as churches, businesses and other organizations).  This week, I spoke to a fellow instructor who just held a concealed carry class for a church group; they decided it is best to begin training for their own self-defense.  With those things in mind, I am working on two such classes to be held at the ISRA Range.  I hope to have them scheduled before the end of the year, and I expect the classes to take place in late spring or early summer.  In the meantime, anyone who is interested these types of classes, should get their concealed carry class out of the way and take a handgun skills class.
On behalf of the ISRA staff, the Board of Directors and myself, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all of you great ISRA members.  You are the best.
Thanks for being a member.
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