Zito’s Democratic Roots Run Deep



Following is a letter and data candidate Tonia Khouri sent to Illinois Republican officials exposing her Republican Opponent’s Democratic ties. Tonia Khouri is running against Nick Zito in the 49th District Illinois state rep. race.


My name is Tonia Khouri. I am a DuPage Republican County Board member running for the

49th State Representative seat being vacated by Mike Fortner. As a fellow Republican and

someone who cares about our Republican Party in Illinois, I want to make you aware of some

very disturbing news.

Mike Madigan and the “Chicago Machine” are trying to infiltrate our Republican Party in the

collar counties. The attached documentation is very concerning to me and should be to you

also. My primary opponent Nic Zito:

  • Still lives with his father, Greg Zito, who is a formerDemocratic State Senator
  • Greg Zito was aDemocratic lobbyist and is a red-light camera proponent
  • Nic Zito voted in aDemocratic primary in 2008
  • Nic Zito recently filed an A-1 showing a donation from a committee headed by Chicago Machine Democratic Alderman, Ed Burke. THE Ed Burke!


I bring this to your attention because I refuse to let Chicago Democrats into Kane and DuPage

County – especially in a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. I am a lifelong Republican and have the track record that shows it. I have attached an information sheet on myself.I want to earn your support!

I am extremely hopeful for Illinois and our Republican Party because our principles are the right

ones: We stand for faith, we stand for family, we stand for life, and we stand for liberty. That’s

who we are! With the right people in Springfield, we can diminish the Democrat’s control that

has held us hostage for the past three decades.

Our Republican Party is worth fighting for because it’s not too late to save our state – we just

need the right people in Springfield to do it.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Tonia Khouri



Steve Balich Editors Note:    No matter who wins the Election  a Democrat wins, if Zito wins the primary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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