GOP Rep. McSweeney: “The ‘Fringe Candidate’ Is Bruce Rauner. He Stands For Nothing.”

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GOP Rep. McSweeney: “The ‘Fringe Candidate’ Is Bruce Rauner. He Stands For Nothing.”

Calls Rauner “Madigan’s Biggest Ally”

December 11, 2017 – For the past three years, Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s biggest ally has been Governor Bruce Rauner according to State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills), who called into “Chicago’s Morning Answer” radio show on Monday Morning.

McSweeney was interviewed about the Rauner Administration’s reaction to the release of an internal memo sent by Rauner’s former General Counsel Dennis Murashko.

“I support Jeanne Ives’ call for a full investigation,” McSweeney said. “Even this morning, there was a story in Politico that the administration won’t answer questions… This is business as usual with the Rauner Administration: very secretive, not providing answers.”

McSweeny went on to say that the administration’s clandestine nature is evidence that Governor Rauner is not in charge in Springfield.

He said Ives has the character and intellect to lead conservative policy revolution in Springfield. McSweeney pointed to his personal experiences working with Jeanne Ives “I know Jeanne Ives will be in charge, and that’s why I support her,” he said.

In 2014, McSweeney, like Ives and other Republican legislators, supported Bruce Rauner’s candidacy, but says he now opposes the Governor because he saw how the Governor duped voters. “In a strange way, the biggest Madigan ally is Bruce Rauner,” he added.

“He [Madigan] talked about a tax increase for two years… we ended up with a 32% income tax hike. Bruce Rauner worked hand in hand with Mike Madigan on making Illinois a Sanctuary State.  And guess who signed Madigan’s Abortion bill?”  

“Bruce Rauner is the kind of guy who loves to go out and criticize, call people names,” McSweeney said. “But when push comes to shove, he’s been Madigan’s biggest ally. And that’s why we need change. That’s why Jeanne Ives would be a good governor.”

McSweeney added that the best-case scenario would be Republicans winning the 9 House seats necessary to oust Madigan as House Speaker.

“But if Madigan is still the Speaker, we need Jeanne Ives in his [Madigan’s] office respectfully, but forcefully advocating for what we believe in, ” he said.

McSweeney disagreed wholeheartedly with Rauner’s characterization of Ives as a “fringe candidate.”

“The ‘fringe candidate’ is Bruce Rauner. He stands for nothing.”

In response, Jeanne Ives said, “David is a strong defender of taxpayers in Springfield and we are happy to have his support of our campaign.”



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