“digital assets” and how I need to include them in my estate plan

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Q:       I’ve read about “digital assets” and how I need to include them in my estate
plan. What does that mean?
A:     In our ever-expanding world of technology, more and more assets of an
individual are owned on hard drives, on social media accounts, and online in
the “cloud.” Items include pictures, music and videos, but also include
intangibles such as websites and domain names. Naming a person to have
the authority to manage and dispense this property is a growing concern in
any estate plan.
In addition, granting a person access to social media sites, e-mail accounts and similar on-line resources after death or disability is critical. Many of the “user agreements” we scroll through (without reading – ATTORNEYS INCLUDED!!) place significant restrictions on gaining access, unless an executor/trustee/agent is granted access under a document.
We are happy to meet with you to review these and other matters in your overall estate and personal planning matter.
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