Homer 33C Young School teacher selected to share strategies at technology institute To have voice in new Front Row curriculum

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Dec. 19, 2017

Young School teacher selected to share strategies at technology institute

To have voice in new Front Row curriculum


Young School fourth-grade teacher Jordana Letizia is headed to San Francisco in March to swap strategies with some of Illinois’ techiest educators.


Letizia, who uses an interactive math program in her classroom called Front Row, was notified in mid-December that she was selected to join seven other educators at the company’s Winter Institute on March 1 and 2.


She’ll not only swap teaching strategies but have a voice in new Front Row curriculum by working with the company’s product team on a new design feature.


“Participants will become an expert in personalized learning with Front Row, share strategies with the techiest educators in the state and have a voice in products that your district would like to see Front Row develop,” Front Row Education Account Executive Seanie Civale wrote in a letter to Kathleen Robinson, Homer 33C Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.


It was Robinson and Young School Principal Mike Szopinski who nominated Letizia for the all-expenses paid personalized learning institute.


“Mrs. Letizia is a second year teacher with a passion for education that you would not believe,” Robinson wrote in the nomination. “She is a techie who supports differentiation in her classroom.”


Letizia began using Front Row last school year to gauge her students’ understanding of math concepts and then personalize their instruction so that they could work on problems at their own pace.


“Front Row has opened up doors to me which, as a new teacher, I had never thought possible,” she said. “One of the most pressing issues of math instruction is being able to meet the individual needs of each of my 24 budding mathematicians. With Front Row, I can do the impossible: I can get instant, real-time data and immediately apply the knowledge gained about my class to create personalized practice for each student.”


She went on to say that Front Row has been a paradigm-shifting tool for her as an educator and that her students can’t get enough of it.


“The collaboration it fosters by recommending students who can help with a problem is remarkable,” she said. “My students are never bored; they are able to push themselves and they are fully engaged in both the independent practice and the inquiry-based lessons. I even have kids using the scoreboard to compete after school hours to see who can do the most math at home — what more can a teacher want? I cannot imagine my classroom without Front Row.”


It was Letizia’s passion for teaching that caught the attention of Front Row executives.


“Jordana’s passion for education and personalized learning shone through,” said Civale. “We look forward to having her out here in our offices in San Francisco to learn from and contribute to the Front Row team.”


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