Join Jeanne Ives & James Marter

Meet your Next Governor!

Dear Friends,

Please join James Marter on Sunday Jan 7th in Princeton to Meet Rep. Jeanne Ives!   Like to event, click to show us your coming!
Share to your family and friends!

And thanks for all your help, having a little fun…  Jim Marter Wins MyWebTimes poll, beats Rep. Adam Kinzinger!  Let’s go out now and win the Primary!

We need you to let your family and friends know about this race and why you are supporting me in the race.  We also need their support to make this a viable campaign and meet our January fundraising goal and we’ll continue to need financial support through the Primary.

We are planning our first campaign get out the vote (GOTV) drive.  This will hit every single Republican primary voter household in the 16th District, that’s approximately 90,000 homes.

This is paid directly by the campaign, so we need direct donations to the campaign.

We don’t have a single paid, expensive, campaign consultant type working on the campaign.  I have a very experienced core team, including a campaign chairman, managers, advisers, accountants, lawyers, GOP County Chairman, Precinct Committeemen, Tea Party Leaders, and grass root conservative activists, etc.   and not one of them is taking a dime in Salary, they are all in it like me to set our country RIGHT!  All donations will go to take our message of Pro-Growth, Pro-Trump, and Pro-American directly to the voters!

The Time is now we literally have only eleven weeks until election day, but early voting starts is 6 weeks!

DonatePlease contribute online or mail a check directly to us

Marter for Congress
Post Office Box 303
Morris, IL 60450

Any amount helps, but if we have a 1,000 people contribute $100 than we have a real chance at a very competitive race.    The maximum contribution per FEC regulations in $2,700 per individual.   But even if you can only afford $5, $10, $20, $50 or more…  every bit helps.

We have to pay for walk cards, mailers, broadcast Ads, signs, and event fees and travel, all that takes time and costs real dollars.   We are all in for everything we can do, and will put everything in the game and on the field but we really do need widespread, grassroots, financial support!

Please pass this along and Forward to Friends and family who will help!

Happy New Year!

James Marter 

Republican for Congress,   16th District in ILLINOIS


LIBERTY Loving, 2nd Amendment, Constitutional Conservative, PRO-LIFE, Limited Government, Patriot

Phone:  (815) 585-8006   e-mail:  FB:
Website:  www.Marter4Congress.US

Our mailing address is:


Marter for Congress
Post Office Box 303
Morris, IL 60450

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