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If we are to ever unbind ourselves from the chains of conventional wisdom, we must first come to understand that we are constantly under assault from government propaganda and government propagandists. Our indoctrination begins at an early age and reaches its peak as we glide through the government indoctrination camps deceptively called public education.

When we are born into a system and we live it for a period of time, we lose our imperative to inquire. We automatically and unconsciously assume that things that are have always been. The system is prescribed.

We accept it, and it becomes a part of us. We don’t feel animosity or hostility toward the authority that we are born under. We are all born into conventional wisdom. Every bit of information we get from the very beginning of our existence “sells” us on authority. This goes on through public (non)education and throughout life.

The only acceptable social and moral thing to do then is to accept authority, conform to authority and above all, never question authority, let alone its morality and its modus operandi. Once a person is taught a fact and believes that fact long enough, he or she cannot ponder or contemplate information or a question that challenges the fact. The mind simply cannot process information that conflicts with previously accepted data. Prior conditioning is difficult to challenge.

Psychologists call this quirk of human nature cognitive dissonance. It means the rejection of information not in harmony with previous beliefs.

Here’s an example. Conventional wisdom holds that there exists two political parties in America and that they pursue two different agendas. The reality is that there are two names of political parties, but the philosophy and morality of all politicians is the same. Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.

The axiom above brings forth the conclusion that politicians cannot be different and cannot have a different morality than the system and survive as politicians. Therefore, they have to all be the same. The power structure quickly dispenses with a politician who has an honestly opposing morality and philosophy.

If as few as one million Americans knew this truth, the corrupt political system in America would collapse.

Here are a few more ideas we accept as fact, followed by what’s really true:

Myth: The government is dysfunctional.

Fact: Government does work and functions as intended. It is a masterpiece of corporate cynicism, propaganda perfection and people control. It was not created for the people, by the people nor of the people. It was created for and later evolved further for the power and benefit of the elite and their politicians and bureaucrats. Government is not haphazard and bungling. It does everything with careful calculation for the benefit of government and the concealment of its fraud upon the people. It plays one economic class against another, one race against another, and it prostitutes the intellectual elite to conceal the nature of government and its purpose. Government creates the public mind and the public will. It channels human thought, human energy and human production and wealth to itself. It works perfectly for the elite. It is organized crime and organized force at the national and international level. It just doesn’t work for the people, it works against them.

Myth: The Federal Reserve keeps inflation low.

Fact: The Federal Reserve is the world engine of inflation. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 and since has almost destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar. The hundred years prior to the Federal Reserve there was gold backed currency that kept its purchasing power for 100 years.

Myth: Savings and retirement?

Fact: This is a myth and a hoax. The money creators cause inflation to melt your savings and retirement while you sleep. Certificates of Deposit and bank accounts do not preserve your savings now — nor will they in the future. In fact, the dollar is inflation. It is created to self-destruct. This is theft by deception. The true meaning of currency destruction with inflation is war upon the people.

Myth: Inflation means rising prices.

Fact: Inflation is devaluation of the money through an increase in the supply of money. With more money chasing fewer goods, more and more money is required to make a purchase. If you put your money in a certificate of deposit in the bank paying 2 percent interest, but inflation is running at 2.2 percent (the official tally from Washington), then your bank savings are losing money. It is like pouring water into milk. The more water you pour, the less milk is left.

Myth: American “democracy” = freedom

Fact: Democracy is an esoteric belief system that manipulates the people in such a way that all power flows to the state. As with pure dictatorships, power flows from the top down. Democracy implies freedom in the public’s mind while power and wealth is constantly channeled to the Federal government. Human liberty is regressively crushed under the one simple word, “democracy.” The American system has the trappings of representative government — was created to be a representative republic — but is fascism in reality. Fascism with a pretty face (call it democracy) is far more deceptive and sinister.

Myth: U.S. Government debt (deficit).

Fact: It does not exist in a paper money regime. How can the government have debt or owe money when it has the power to create money at will? Also, governments can extinguish make-believe debt with inflation.

Myth: Social Security is going broke.

Fact: Social Security is not an accounting discipline but a Ponzi scheme. “They” can print the money so Social Security will not go broke but the “money” paid out will go broke in purchasing power.

Myth: Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Fact: This is manipulated by the government to cheat pensioners on Social Security. So-called “core inflation” leaves out food and fuel and the basket of goods by which CPI is measured is changed on a whim. How do they get away with it? Under fascism and paper money, we like it or lump it. All “representatives” are owned by the government that pays them.

Myth: Physicians say that we get all the vitamins and nutrition we need from our food.

Fact: Impossible with the American diet. Eighty percent of Americans are malnourished.

Myth: Health care.

Fact: No such thing in the U.S. The system called “health care” exists as a drug cartel to enrich the super-rich pharmaceuticals. It is a tremendous burden on the backs of the people. Medical practitioners are, for the most part, completely brainwashed.

Myth: There is no difference between synthetic and natural vitamins.

Fact: Synthetic vitamins are chemicals. Natural vitamins are food.

Myth: The government, the medical establishment and the pharmaceuticals promote health.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. People don’t need drugs or doctors. Sick people especially don’t need drugs or doctors. They need nutrition.

Myth: Euthanasia is a quick and painless death.

Fact: Euthanasia can happen over many years as drugs and “immunizations” usually kill slowly. The system can reduce the population without blame if they do it over time so as to separate cause and effect.

Myth: Organized medicine is modern research and science at its best.

Fact: Though it doesn’t appear on official statistics, organized medicine is now the leading cause of death in America. Iatrogenic deaths (deaths induced inadvertently by a physician, surgeon, medical treatment or diagnostic test) total more than 780,000 annually, followed by heart disease (the “official” leading cause) at 633,842 per year. This is a Malthusian dream to reduce the population under the pretense of doctoring for sickness and disease.

I urge you to consider these things as we embark on a new year.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston

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