Human courage and kindness stand as obstacles to the void

Steve Balich Editors Note: Freedom may be something we take for granted because we as Americans were born into Freedom. It cost us almost nothing, yet many Americans wish it were gone. Replaced by a new version of distribution of wealth and control in the name of “Political Correctness”. We as citizens need to ask why a change from what made us a great nation is necessary in the first place. Americans, for the most part,  are by nature hard working people with traditional moral and ethical values which were handed down through the generations. We as a people recognize all people as good. This is where those who want to change the way America views itself capitalize on. The arrangement that we should have open borders because we need to love and care for all people does not account the huge cost to citizens of our Country who live week to week trying to have a good life. Love of all people is also the reason the word racist gets so much traction. No one wants to be cruel or unfair to anyone for any reason; so using the term racist hits at the moral and ethical nature of the American view of themselves. Americans recognize the wrongs we as a nation participated in over the years. We can’t justify wrongs that happened, but we can be proud we try to fix them when they are exposed. We must remember rights and wrongs are part of our History and should never be erased or forgotten. They are part of what made us the great nation we are. It is our courage and kindness that make us great. It is our work ethic that keeps us going. It is our love of God, Family, and Country that pushes us forward in the right direction.

Human courage and kindness stand as obstacles to the void

Among liberty activists, there is a rather universal consensus on what ails our nation. We understand that there is a concerted and deliberate effort by the establishment to undermine individual rights and constitutional protections. We understand that there is a coordinated effort by international financiers to destabilize our economy and siphon wealth from the middle class until it shrivels up and dies. We understand that there is an organized plan to radicalize the public along ideological lines and pit them against each other. We understand that geopolitics and regional wars are exploited to distract us from underlying issues. There is not very much debate over these realities; the evidence is overwhelming.

However, there is constant disagreement among activists on solutions to these problems, and there are several reasons why this conflict persists. Let’s examine them…

Ease versus struggle

This is one conflict that I don’t think many people recognize or pay much attention to, but it stand as a key weakness that derails effective action. There is a distaste among some liberty activists for the idea of self sacrifice and struggle in achieving freedom. The reality is most fights are won through persistence and force of will; there are no shortcuts to defeating tyranny. There are no secret weapons.  There is only indomitable spirit. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you have a movement of 100 people or 100 million — any goal is achievable, but only so long as you accept the cost of pain and sacrifice.

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